first entry…

well, i guess i’m going to see what journaling online is like. brni thinks it’s a good thing and since brni’s usually right (cough), i thought i’d give it a try. kinda weird tho to think people can look at this shit (or even want to), but people do strange things all the time.

so right now i’m at work and very aggravated, which is the usual state i’m in at work nowadaze. the construction dudes are deconstructing the first & ground floor. i’ve been evicted from the space i was working in for the past 16 years. my eventual space will be an 18×18 foot walled in box. i’m so looking forward to no windows, no view, no room for my elbows and best of all–no ventilation!

it’s freezing up here in my temporary digs on the 2nd floor. i’m in an aisle along w/my workstation, scanning station and boxes full of my supplies. the most wonderful thing here is my little space heater which keeps my feet and ankles warm.

my tunneling carps are so aggravated by all this that my hands and arms are completely pain-ridden and getting worse hourly.

so…ok. yuk. next entry will have NOTHING to do w/work. end of work bitch.

One thought on “first entry…

  1. westlinwind says:

    *grin* Brni’s gonna be very surprised to learn he’s usually right.
    *wrinkles nose* An 18×18 box does not sound like a very appealing place to spend 8 hours a day.

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