to hell w/work

the cold got to me. took off at lunchtime for rest of day. yay! ihatemyjob.
anyway, decided this would be the perfect afternoon to break down and buy wrist braces to quiet down the tunneling carps. i tried on every brace they had; noticed that other people had done the same but paid nary a nevermind to which box they put them back into so they were in the wrong boxes. so…after straightening out the pharmacy’s inventory of wrist braces, i bought the two that felt the most comfy and weren’t screamingly ugly.

so, now i’m practicing typing with them. is weird.

next, i have to try and draw w/them. i think it will be ok. the massage therapist told me to sleep with them on at night to keep from scrunching up my hands…i wonder if i can somehow make them sexy? *looking pointedly at braces* nah.

strange headline in sunday’s “parade” insert: “WE CAN STOP KILLER FIRES…plus Cooking for Couples.” ack. what were they thinking?

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