about a week or so ago, i was attuned for reiki level 1. i had no idea what to expect. when liz put her hands on my shoulders at the beginning of the attunement, i was not surprised to feel a sense of warmth and relaxation, but as she continued, i was enveloped in a strong energy field. i sensed a gentle electrical current…more a blanket…surrounding me. it was especially strong around my head, arms, hands and upper body. as the attunement progressed, i was aware of swirling colors. mostly greens, oranges and yellows with some lavender hues in the center.

after the attunement, liz gave me a hands on lesson demonstrating the sequence of hand positions of a full reiki treatment. then we switched and she guided me through as i gave her reiki. i didn’t feel a whole lot when i placed my hands on her, but she exclaimed that my hands were very warm and said i seemed like a “natural.” for the next 3 months, i’m to give myself reiki everyday, and to give reiki to others as often as i can. the energy will become stronger the more i use it. after 3 months, i can take reiki level 2.

so, i informed brni and jesse that they are now my official, reiki guinea pigs. brni was my first session. it went pretty well. he fell asleep 10 minutes into it, snoring to beat the band. apparently, this is a good sign (ha! at last, he can safely fall asleep on me w/out having to apologize). a few days later, jesse was complaining of a toothache. he didn’t have time for a full treatment, so i just concentrated on his head and torso. he didn’t fall asleep, but he said he felt very relaxed and mellow. he still had tooth pain, but it was not making him as tense as before. his girlfriend kate asked for a little taste of reiki. i gave her about 15 minutes, concentrating just on her head and shoulders. she really enjoyed it. i’m hoping to give them both full reiki sessions later in the week.

with each session, i’ve noticed an increase in intensity. i was barely able to feel anything happening with liz and brni, but with jesse and kate i felt a lot more energy passing through my hands. fourth of july eve, i gave myself a full reiki session and felt the most awesome energy surges!

ok! practice practice! when i get good, i’ll put out a shingle.

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