sometimes friends are annoying.

normally, on saturday night we go to our local sushi restaurant. it’s a small unpretentious place with excellent food. they recognize my voice on the phone when i call for reservations. but our friends said they were thinking of inviting us all over for sushi at their house and would call us when they got home around 4:30. so 5:30 happens and no phone call. so we call. no answer. call again. no answer. we decide they’ve gotten held up and since we’re really hungry, we go to the hana.

i love having a quiet dinner out w/brni. warm saki, cold sashimi and a bowl of green tea ice cream to share.

sometime around 6:30 our friends left a msg that they were finally home and told us to come on over. so we bought another bottle of saki and headed on out.

conversation wound around to fahrenheit 9/11 and one of our friends told us that ray bradbury was upset and thinking of suing michael moore for copyright infringement for using the word fahrenheit in the title. i stated that copyright law doesn’t protect titles. copyright law protects intellectual property…it protects fixed works not titles, facts or ideas. our friend took exception to this and when i tried to explain he said, “you don’t know.” i said i do know and he got very huffy and loudly exclaimed that i didn’t know anything.

in my previous life as a doormat i would have backed down, but not this life. in this life, i refuse to be bullied. so i explained that i do indeed know since i’m one of the point people in the library who deals with copyright issues.

and then i explained how things work. and when i was done he changed the subject.

i let him keep his flaccid hold on his honor and ate a grape.

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