so, thinking abt all the stuff that i’m investigating. getting into herbalism. start is slow. wanting to learn but not finding it easy to hook up with a reputable school that i can afford. i want to get involved with susun weed, but not finding the time/money/courage to hike on up to woodstock and offer myself up.
but i will. i just need to clear away all the cobwebs.

do i also want to enroll in a correspondence school for herbalism? cheapest place i found was 5k for a full course in master of herbalism. haven’t been able to find out any independent info on how reputable they are. if anyone out there knows anything abt the clayton college of natural health, give me a clue.

i am taking a weed course in spirit and practice of healing. lots of interesting stuff to build intuitiveness which for me is scary business. but wholly necessary for me to break out of my too linear scientific cause/effect frame of reference. need to build those magical muscles.

so, i bought a couple books on tarot and a couple decks…one to practice and one for beauty.

practicing reiki on myself everyday, but would love to practice on others more. guess i need to go looking for those others.

work is bad. missing boss is found. his very presence has made the atmosphere in the library most oppressive. i actually was brought to tears today. spent half the day trying to loosen my tightened chest. my life in that library is definitely limited. but that means way less money to live on. what to do? what is responsible? what is healthy? will eliminating the negative energy of my job be worth the loss of income?
odear. fear of poverty. but ogoddess…the thought of freedom is so fuckin appealing.

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  1. westlinwind says:

    Studying with Susan Weed would be lovely. My best friend Ali just moved back to town. A while ago, she took an herbalism course around here; I’ll ask here for details to pass along to you.
    *grins and raises her hand* You can practice Reiki on me anytime! I’ll bring my favorite Tarot deck over and we can do that too…

    1. lsaboe says:

      i would very much appreciate any info you can pass on from your friend ali. and as for a reiki/tarot night…we should definitely make a date. brni can watch.

    1. lsaboe says:

      thank you. just knowing that you support me this way makes it easier to stay until i’m ready to leave. i feel it’s necessary to eek out an alternate path before i walk off this one.

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