joeShow update

myomy…the joe show was more than i could have hoped for. he yelled, he growled, he railed, he laughed, he empathized, he sympathized, he chastized. it was….the all joe show in all joe’s glory.

he wanted to talk about, “the two of us” (him and all of us). he likened our coming together 2 years ago on this day to a marriage. and the metaphor went on in all it’s overdone banality. and he went on to analyze this marriage…analyze his role and our role.

well, not exactly. he lauded his role, his vision, his insight. he described himself as an “intellectual instigator,” and he scolded us for being short-sighted backstabbers unwilling to embrace change. he publically chastized one staff member by name…referring to the particular incident not just once but twice.

and then, i forget in reference to what, he said, “i want to be like john edwards.”


One thought on “joeShow update

  1. brni says:

    a marriage? well, that’s one way to look at it when you are screwing someone and they aren’t allowed to get rid of you.

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