brni’s heroic feets

brni’s bro, lennie, had a birthday party yesterday for sarah. it was a nice mix of people, young and old, and dogs. though loki was the smallest of the three, her speed, agility and general fearlessness put her firmly in the alpha position. until the stray entered the mix.

all three dogs had followed sarah over to the front of the house. sarah was either trying to herd her niece in through the front door or away from it…i never got that part clear in my head. anyway, the dogs had all gathered in a rather tight pack when the stray came up to them. meanwhile, brni had followed the dogs to make sure they didn’t end up in the street.

somehow, the toddler found herself in the middle of the now very tense group of snarling dogs. brni said, “i’m going to pick you up now” and the baby said, “ok.” he had just gotten her out of the line of pricked ears and bared teeth when he realized loki was trapped. the stray managed to flip her over on her back and was trying to get to her throat. brni started kicking the dog while still holding the toddler above the fray. a feat of feets, one might say. the dog took off after the third kick.

loki was bit in the face. we washed her off with soap and water, treated her with antibacterial ointment and figured everything was ok since she didn’t seem to be feeling any pain.

the next morning we saw that she her eye was red and swollen…a dog version of a black eye.

o….and the cur gave her fleas.

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