good friends

it’s always nice to see good friends. johnC and his wife of 3 months dropped by on their way from louisiana to a family gathering in nova scotia. we hadn’t seen john since brni and i went to new orleans some years ago. we first met john *in person* in 94 when brni, jess and i took a road trip out to new mexico. on that trip we hooked up with a lot of people from the politics list, plus family and friends. in between people stops, we did the tent camping thing. great way to see everything and sleep on the cheap. john was one of our politics people.

i took off a half day from work yesterday to clean up the house and prepare food for their arrival. it was a great excuse to fix up my office/spare bedroom since jess had been staying with us the past couple months. i just need to do a little more to the room to get it the way i want it…efficient and peaceful for me to do my work but cozy for guests.

their expected arrival was 5pm and they were right on time. i hardly ever get where i’m hoping to end up at the expected time. i wonder why that is?


we had a tasty dinner of blackened tuna, fiesta salad (a concoction i made up that is sort of a tangy gazpacho w/out the soup), tossed green salad and tomatoe slices with basil and olive oil. we watched bubba hotep before they retired around 10:45. they intended to get an early, 5am start in order to hit the maine/cananda border by nightfall. brni set his alarm for 4am to make them a parting pot of coffee, but they had snuck out sometime before that. owell…intentions were good.

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