so, i applied for an opening in the HR dept here at ‘nova. it’s a grade lower than my present position, but that’s fine by me as long as i can retain my present salary (which i think i can as long as i’m not earning more than the salary range for the lower grade). i’m also planning on sending in a resume for a position in our karate school. i’m sure that one will be a much lower salary, but at this point, i’ll do anything to get out of this library.

feeling kinda yucky ’bout the whole thing. not yucky about leaving the library…this place has gone to the dogs. i refuse to sit through another staff meeting being castigated by joe. almost every person i know who isn’t in his very small inner circle is either looking for a job elsewhere or is actively disassociating themselves emotionally. it’s really all you can do in a situation like this. can’t complain to anyone and expect anything to be done. that’s not the villanova way. no, i’m feeling yucky because i’ll be leaving some decent people out on a lurch…but, in a way, that’s rather satisfying…a bunch of people will finally find out what a bear running this dept. really is. heh. gee…i don’t think i feel yucky about leaving at all now. an evil sort of giddiness is bubbling up.

so…i hope something comes of the resumes. worse comes to worse, i’ll get a job baggin groceries at whole foods. actually, that sounds rather nice. go to work…hang out w/people into organics, yoga, and alternative lifestyles. no responsibility beyond the job. lots more time for art and gardening.

yeah…sounds better all the time.

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