liz’s yoga

liz teaches yoga out of her home. i attend her thursday night class, which is a very yin style of yoga in the kripalu tradition. her class isn’t physically challenging to me since i’m used to doing ashtanga and power yoga, but i go more for the meditative aspect that is the core of her teaching style. it’s really more therapy than exercise. liz emotionally massages away the troubles of the day to bring you into the present moment. past regrets, future worries are set aside, exchanging stress for breath.

i started dabbling with yoga when i was about 15 or 16. i bought this little hatha yoga booklet (i still have it) and practiced the asanas in the living room, trying to get my mother to do it with me (that never happened). i had no idea what i was doing, but i remember the exhilaration i felt when i did dhanurasana (bow pose). the practice was fleeting, but the interest persisted.

all these years later, yoga is now everywhere and there’s no lack for schools, studios, teachers, and ashrams. dhanurasana is no longer easy but lately, some of that old feeling is making it’s way (slowly) back into my poor, old body.

so what i need now is to be mindful of this practice of letting go. letting go of the harsh, negative, and psychologically destructive aspects of my environment and focusing on the now. i have to ram das my life and be here now.

there’s no telling how much now is left and i don’t want to waste any more of it.

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