turkey dreams

so last week i dreamt that my aunt called my sister and told her that she would not be cooking thanksgiving dinner and that i should do it. i was really pissed because sally didn’t bother calling me and she waited til the last minute to back out. plus the fact that we’re vegetarians and now i have to cook a turkey.

so today my aunt called…

3 thoughts on “turkey dreams

    1. lsaboe says:

      it appears so…brni and i will be responsible for the plucking of a free range, oven ready turkey. but the hardest part is figuring how to squeeze 10 or 11 people around a table that seats a close six. looks like i’ll have to move the birds that i let live to the bedroom, so i can fit another table in there. and chairs….i guess we can use the white, plastic lawn chairs. ack.
      this is what happens when you enlist off-centered vegetarians to do something traditional. i guess they should just be happy we don’t foist a tofurkey on them.

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