in between

reading up on the goddess, brigid, who later became st. brigid when the xtians took over britain.
her transformation to a xtian saint was literally decided when the townspeople unearthed the stone head of brigid from its hiding place and put it on the wall of the church, proclaiming her st. brigid.
love it.
so a legend has been told, “Saint Brigid was said to be the daughter of a druid who had a vision that she was to be named after a great goddess. She was born at sunrise while her mother was walking over a threshold, and so “was neither within nor without.” This is the state known as liminality, from the Latin, limen: a threshold – the state of being “in between” places and times. In Celtic tradition this is a sacred time when the doors between the worlds are open and magical events can occur.”

the state of “in between”…to live in the space between…not bound by time or space…the void.

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