dream 1/12/05

so let’s see if i remember…
dreamt about going to the drumming circle, but it was some sort of celebration. christmas or new years, i think. things were happening in the typical, crazy, crowded dreamscape. i was going w/kry’s sister (never met her, but krys has written abt her). she was very excited about going…she thought something very special was going to happen to her, so she was racing around putting together a very flamboyant outfit. i remember sparkly green, flouncy material and the highlight of the outfit was a gauzy, green tail with rhinestones.
i said that i wanted to follow her in my own car in case one of us wanted to leave early. she said ok, but was visibly upset…eyes welling up and chin trembling. i backed off taking my own car, but i was unhappy about it.
then things changed or were jumbled up with other stuff. lots of people in an almost outdoor/barn-like concert setting…in a large pasture? wooden scaffolding? it was confusing event. music? drums? lots of men in hippy-like brown leather and scarves.

later in the morning…
alarm-snoozing for about a half hour. half dreaming, i was aware of some rhythmic tapping, almost like a heartbeat. then a loud bang in my left ear made me wake w/a startled jerk.

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