plague/last nights dream

ugh. tummy plague. couldn’t go to karate.
dream last night…
rainrainrain…looked out the back door and saw that our little stream had risen well over it’s bank and was flooding all the way up to our yard. opened the front door and realized that the flood was raging out front…it was torrential and a dam that shouldn’t be there had burst and the waters were rushing towards us. it was very violent and i yelled to everyone to back away from the front of the house. i quickly shut the door…was worried that i wouldn’t get it shut in time and even if i did that it wouldn’t hold, but it did.
a few minutes later the water started to recede and things calmed down. we were able to leave the house. things were a mess…water everywhere but the danger had passed.
as i was investigating outside, i saw that i had to move someone’s car (phylis from work). i needed to put some sort of sign on it, don’t remember why, but it was important. phylis came out and thanked me for taking care of her car.
i then went over to a walled area where i had some plantings. my plants were all greening up, and spots that weren’t planted were sprouting new growth. upon closer inspection, i saw it was all bindweed. i thought about leaving it, but decided that would be problematic, so i began pulling it all out.

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