no lavendar dreams

not remembering dreams the last few days. hmmm…maybe the lavender i put in my pillow is making me rest more deeply?
still feeling a bit edgy. not happy about being back at work with my plans to quit put off indefinitely. i AM going to register for the either the july or august 1-7 herbal intensives w/susun weed this summer. so, i’m trying to think of this job as a means to pay for my studies w/susun.

beginning to get ideas for homemade products. want to make some scented bath salts, maybe some lotions or salve.

buying different brands of lavender has attuned my nose a bit. the lavender i bought from mountain rose is awful. such a nasty first sniff before the lavender note becomes apparent. ugh. this is useful only for funky fake aromatherapy stuff like candles or something. by far, the best lavender is wisdom of the earth’s. i’ll probably break down and buy the huge bottle ($200) someday.
but not today. 😉

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