greatest fears list

ok…i’ve been threatening to actually commit my greatest fears to a written list. so this is the start of it, and i guess i will update it as necessary.

Greatest Fears List (in no particular order)

house fires in the middle of the night
electrical fires
electricity in general
exploding appliances (could be anything)
falling rocks
airplane crashes
airplanes crashing into the house
losing my right arm
projectiles (could be anything, especially coming off the back of large trucks)
scorpions (i saw this movie when i was little…)
men looming over me in my sleep
poisoning people when i feed them dinner (which is why you clean the kitchen before preparing food, brni)
being stabbed
recent additions
brain abscess

5 thoughts on “greatest fears list

    1. lsaboe says:

      well, i must confess…some of those fears in my list are sorta tongue in cheek. of the ones that still affect me, almost all of them are losing their power as i begin to feel more powerful at my core. none of the fears are what i’d call phobias…i don’t have any of those.
      i’m curious…i understand losing kate, i think most mothers share this fear. i understand being trapped…both physically and emotionally…the thought of it does two things to me: gives me shivers and makes me angry.
      but what is it about water?

      1. westlinwind says:

        Not sure…and it is fading. It has only been since Kate was born that I actually started washing my hair in the shower…I dinna like water in my face. I used to have LOTS of dreams about drowning. I still canna swim.

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