greatest fears addition

so, yesterday i went to the doctor when it became evident even to me that i was dealing with a sinus infection. i thought it might be worth asking if there was any treatment besides antibiotics. i hate taking antibiotics because them bother my stomach, destroy all the good as well as bad bacteria leaving me (everyone) open to other nasty infections and because they are over prescribed creating monster-bacteria able to leap tall buildings, dodge bullets and destroy mankind in a swell foop.
so i ask, “is there anything besides antibiotics that will help?” a simple enough question. his answer was, “well…you could do nothing (a fine start, thinks i) and maybe it will go away in a few weeks or months, meanwhile you run the risk of developing abscesses in your brain.”
was that really necessary??
then the nurse says, “everybody comes in here demanding antibiotics whether they need them or not, and you need them and don’t want them.” and she left.

so i’ve added brain abscess to my greatest fears list.

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