bitch & beer

That’s what we call our not quite monthly get-togethers at Gullifty’s. A few of us (3 core plus a few occasional stragglers) leave work and meet at Gullifty’s in Rosemont to bitch about work and life as we know it. We actually have a fine time, lots of gossipy tidbits, clamorous comments, tasty revelations and mounds of humorous family stories. We tend to tease each other mercilessly, so we are careful to invite only those with skins thick enough to laugh at themselves.

I ordered the nicoise salad w/grilled tuna for dinner. A vodka and tonic later, everyone’s dinner arrives while I remain plateless. So Laura asks, “Will her dinner be here soon?” “In just a few minutes.” Fifteen minutes and a second vodka and tonic later, “Just a few more minutes, sometimes tuna takes a long time to cook.”
odear, this can’t be good.
Meanwhile my work companions took pity on my plateless plight and gave me bits of their dinners…I had two paper-thin slices of cantaloupe, a stalk of celery, 4 french fries, 2 potato chips and a bit of crust from a quiche.

Forty-five minutes and a third vodka and tonic later, my dinner was served. Semi-ravished, I lit into a somewhat aged piece of fish and bits of fishy green beans and waxy potatoes. bleh. Couldn’t eat more than a couple bites before deciding that life is too short to eat bad food. I sent the dinner back and requested a cup of coffee.

When the bill came, they had charged us for my late meal. Judy stopped the waiter and said, “I think there’s a mistake on this bill…” and proceeded to tell him we shouldn’t be charged for my dinner due to tardiness and taste. Then a very handsome asian man came over to inquire why we didn’t want to pay for my meal. So, I told him politely about the forty-five minute-three vodka and tonic wait and the old fish and he apologized and removed the charge.

It was all so civil, it hardly happened.

… and then my dear friends paid for my drinks in honor of my birthday.

all in all, a nice night out.

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