high definition woes

our living room isn’t done up in the typical, matching, department store decor. it’s an ecclectic (i like that word much better than junky) mix of handed down (not antique, just old), rummaged, thrift shop stuff. the colors are warm earthy greens, beiges, browns of wood and brass with splashes of bright color from paintings and funky stuff (like brni’s purple, red, blue, green painted rabbit).
the whole room really worked for me. i felt comfortable and at ease.

then we decide we need a new tv.

the new tv doesn’t fit in the tv cabinet. we need a different stand for it, so my nice (focal pointy) cabinet has been banished from the room. it is replaced by a black metal and glass topped tv stand that is too low and very modern. with the gray metal of the tv (they don’t make black ones anymore it seems), the wall is stark and hurts my soul.

what to do? we can’t afford a different cabinet that will hide the tv.

poor brni doesn’t understand my problem with this. i guess it’s hard for most people to understand that i can be physically pained (not just a psychological wince) from visual stimuli. but it’s a real physical sensation not just a “yuk, that’s ugly” and forget it sort of thing. clutter does this to me. piles of stuff all over is a constant threat to my wellbeing.

looks like i have a very big important project to make a silk purse.

5 thoughts on “high definition woes

  1. westlinwind says:

    I’m sorry your nest is disturbed, darlin’. But maybe it’s a call for the artist in you to come out and fix the starkness. *grin* Or you could take the new tv back and get one that fits the old cabinet…..

  2. notzathros says:

    TVs are evil and should be avoided as much as possible.
    I certainly understand your pain. We had a TV in the living room that was way too big. It was located, however, in a nifty wooden entertainment cabinet that Char and I had fun building and was surrounded by some nice stereo equipment that has lots of nifty, fun-to-look-at blinking lights. Another good thing about this TV was that it was on the fritz and so it was actually interesting to watch just because it seemed like it would drop dead at any minute. When the screen would go black I would sit up in excitement, pulse quickening as I imagined its triumphant funeral procession to the curb. After a bit of time, though, the picture would come back and I would sit back, relax, pick up my book, and resume my vigil. Then one day we made the mistake of going away on vacation. We left the door unlocked so the neighbor could feed the dog. While we were gone my Aunt moved to California and for some reason decided that instead of taking her gigantic TV with her, she would have the movers drop it off at our house. We came home to a humongous black brick completely filling the walkway from the front door to the kitchen and blocking access to the rest of the house. Now this obelisk (think of the movie 2001) takes up one whole wall and almost a quarter of the floor space of the living room, the funky wooden cabinet was dismantled, the stereo equipment roams in reckless disarray on the vast, glossy, dust covered top of the TV and the durn thing shows no sign of being on its last legs. Sigh.
    Oh well, I’m getting older and probably need the big screen to see anything these days anyway and at least the price was right. Besides, she’s a nice Aunt and it was generous of her to share her technology with us.
    I do feel your pain though.

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