somebody poke me

so, i seem to be in a total funk. not a whiff of inspiration, creativity or motivation to get anything going.
things i haven’t the gumption to start: new web page, drawing, painting, next project on my correspondence course, cook, clean, sex, write, read, watch tv, drum, yoga, karate.

god, i hope i don’t develop an itch.

4 thoughts on “somebody poke me

  1. brni says:

    go to yoga.
    then finish painting the cd racks so we can fix up the living room instead of having piles of disks everywhere…

  2. westlinwind says:

    Me too. Been in some nameless blank place. Icky.
    So….let’s go to a “Welcome Spring” party this Saturday with the drumming circle and drum up some inspiration!

    1. lsaboe says:

      sounds like a plan. just let me know when, and i’ll be there with my pretty, little drum. let me know if there’s anything i should bring.

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