i feel so symptomatic

symptoms: heart pounding in throat when lying down to sleep. started several weeks ago. since last week the pounding is almost non-stop. i am only unaware of it when i’m concentrating on something. as soon as i broaden my focus and take in other stuff, i notice it again. i’ve never been prone to “feeling” my heartbeat…it’s just not something i was into. now, i’m aware of my whole circulatory system, i can feel my blood pulsing through my entire body. it’s extremely distracting.

when i take my pulse, the range is between 63-64. my bp last take was 110/68. my ekg was normal (cept for when i moved my head and scrambled the printout–nurse was annoyed). went for the chest xray yesterday and tomorrow morning i’ll get the full blood workup. they are checking all my levels of every single thing. they are checking for lyme and thyroid too.

i think it’s thyroid.

i’ve been “aware” of my thyroid for sometime now. i know it’s there and i can sense it’s larger. i’ve requested my gyn to check it, but she only will do the one test that is known to miss the more subtle changes in function. hopefully, this new guy (i can’t find a dr i like…they all suck) will be a bit more thorough.

in the meantime, i wait and worry and wish my heart would stay out of my throat.

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