ani & ed

ani was all she’s cracked up to be…and more.

ed hamell was great. i haven’t seen him since a little after our wedding (he was our wedding singer) and not at all since his accident. he looked good and seems to have fully recovered physically. it always surprises me that, this outrageous, loud, crazy man on stage is such a sweet person off stage. he has a soft handshake.

the keswick is a great, human-scaled venue. they have intermission. and a bar. as you walk in, your are wrist-wrapped as a drinker (green)or non-drinker (orange). almost like being in a hospital where your wrist label tells anyone who’s interested what your dietary restrictions are. tables with information and wares were set up in the lobby. i bought a peace-fisted ani t-shirt and a HOT sticker for my car. i visited the anti-war and nicaragua booths and left laden with printed information. ed signed brni’s newly purchased cd.

as you enter the auditorium, little old men and women unceremoniously take your ticket stub from your hand and then lead you to your seat. they do this for everyone. even if you try to slip around them. they are very spry.

there are people in the world who don’t understand the difference between their living room and a theater. they talk loudly through the entire performance with a running commentary on the lights, the chairs, this song or what they did yesterday and how they felt about it. brni had to ask one group to hold it down during ed’s performance. then when ani came on, another man behind me started up. he got so loud (and boring) that the woman next to me and i both turned and glared at the same time. his eyes got wide and he shut up. for about 10 minutes. he was young and stupid and has obviously never been taught the meaning of the words, “shut the fuck up.” i was about to impart this knowledge to him, but then thought better of it. ani was too good to put my energies in that direction.

i saw my girlfriend-in-law kate, laura from work and some people from the gryphon. it’s been a long time since i’ve been to a concert where i saw people i recognized. it was a good night out.

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