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  1. westlinwind says:

    That is a gorgeous flower….I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those.
    Look what I found about it:
    General Information: Trillium is from the Greek “tris” meaning three, because all plant parts occur in 3’s (Huxley,1992). They grow in deep soil that is moist, yet well drained, and rich in humus. Also, most Trilliums prefer acidic to neutral soil in deep or partial shade (Brickell and Zuk, 1996). Native Americans once believed Trilliums to be a powerful love potion if eaten, and they also used the leaves and blossoms to make a poultice to treat skin sores and insect bites (Martin, 1989). Today Trilliums are used for ornamental purposes, but it takes 6 yrs for a plant to propagate from seed to flower. The first year rhizomes develop, then several years of increasing numbers of leaves and finally the flower blooms (Adams et al., 1996).

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