of newsily interest

a sudden urge to find out what’s happening in the world …

happy birthday, baby…
the oldest man on earth lives in cuba. he lives alone, dances, tends his garden and eats black beans.

i heard on the tv “news” (cough) that saddam hussein loves doritos and hates fruit loops. is this supposed to mean something to me? make me feel…what? with this information, i can … maybe form an … opinion? about fruit loops?

hmmm…cocaleros protest restrictions on their crop could mean a bid for regional autonomy from peru? maybe medical marijuana protesters could do the same for california?

elders of value…
treating people like people…even if they are old people.

a tearful apology? “i’ve come to understand…” does this sound as though a threat was issued? why else should durbin apologize for pointing out that we torture people? is there no one left with spine enough to state the obvious and then stand by the statement? no wonder we’re in such deep shit.

that last one did it for me…i hope i don’t get this urge to find out what’s going on for a long time.

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