a small escape

was sitting outside on the bottom step from the deck, drinking my morning coffee. loki was scratching at the drain pipe next to the side of the house seriously hunting something. she then decided to check things out in the grotto (the space under the porch).
as i was sipping my coffee, i caught peripheral sight of a little chipmunk skulking past me. he had just exited the drain pipe. i guess he figured now was his chance to get away from the dog, sneak past the bigger animal (me) and high-tail it to the remains of the bamboo.

i’m happy to report his escape plan was successful.

2 thoughts on “a small escape

    1. lsaboe says:

      yes, for the past 10 or so years i’ve been getting them quite frequently. i don’t know why, but they’ve affected my hearing a bit and no matter what i do or how careful i am, they keep coming back. usually just the left ear, but sometimes both.
      i asked the dr why and he said, “because you’re a bad person.”
      iow, he didn’t have a friggin clue.

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