getting ready to go…

getting my stuff together for my 4 days with susun weed. i’m very nervous and excited about the whole thing. i’m also upset that i have come down with a full-blown ear infection. the side of my head is numb and the ear hurts and so does my throat. i’m taking echinacea and lemon balm tincture every couple hours and i’m even dropping echinacea in my ear.


i have my flashlight, batteries, toiletries (such as they are), first aid kit stocked with lavender eo, arnica, apis, rhu tox, rescue remedy, bandaids and benadryl. i have a tent (just in case i hate sleeping inside with other people), sleeping bag, pillows and blanket for no matter where i end up sleeping, wildflower field guide, a book to read and a book to draw and write in. i think i’m all set. o! and bug repellent!

went to barnes & noble and got maps of new york state, a special one just for the catskills and a PA one just in case i get lost on this side. brni thinks i should go thru new jersey, but i don’t want to. also went to the chiropractor and had another yoga therapy session for my poor aching back.

i may take my drum.

i hope i don’t get hopelessly lost.

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