what i did on my summer vacation

drove to the catskills
drank infusions
ate wild salads
tasted lobelia
was cured by minerva
listened to a celtic harpist
held a day old bunny named thumper
painted women’s bodies
sang beautiful chants badly and didn’t care
danced topless in the woods
was named by a heron
swam naked in duckweed
got bit by a goose
drove home with a great green toenail

13 thoughts on “what i did on my summer vacation

  1. Anonymous says:

    What I did on my summer vacation
    climbed a dune made of billions and billions of grains of gypsum
    walked through a subterranean cavern
    evaded the aliens (outer space variety)
    wrote poetry
    ate only WHOLE grains
    lived in a bunkhouse on top of a mesa
    wrote prose
    attended a Sabbath service (Jewish variety)
    saw the constellation Scorpio for the first time in my life
    meditated a lot on peacemaking
    Hey, can’t wait to compare notes!!

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: What I did on my summer vacation
      you’re back from vacation!
      it seems you had a lovely time. i do hope you have pictures. alas, the one thing i forgot was my camera. guess i’ll just have to draw and paint what i saw.
      c ya monday!

  2. morriganswitch says:

    I’m just glad I got to share that with you.
    I still have the Shadow of my Beautiful dragonfly (from my sunburn).
    Lisa gave Minerva (and thumper) her card and we told her if she needed a place to stay we could take her.
    I hope to see her again one day. (*sniff sniff)

    1. lsaboe says:

      minerva is such an old soul. i do hope you all hear from her again, and if you do, you must let me know. i think we all will be seeing each other again. i know i’m going to try and go up to the WWC once a year from now on. but, you and lisa and i are so close, we’ve no excuse but to get together.

      1. morriganswitch says:

        YAY!! We’re 45 mins outside Philly, that’s a heck of a lot closer than 4 hrs to Woodstock. We’ll have to make a day of it.
        OOH! Do you and Brni do the Ren Faire? Lisa, Stan Matt and I go most weekends in the Fall. Maybe we can meet there and Meet Brni.

      2. lsaboe says:

        brni and i were talking about going this year…it’s been a very long time since we went…bout 10 yrs! will definitely let you know when we plan on going.

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