thunder moon

tonight the full moon is called full thunder moon by some and full buck moon by others.
tonight’s full moon is also the largest of the year…read more here:
what’s even more curious, is the apparent size of the moon is an illusion that can’t be recorded on film.
apparently, the camera doesn’t lie.
read here:

i’m pleased to know i can be so easily fooled.

6 thoughts on “thunder moon

  1. morriganswitch says:

    Just glad You’re Celebrating the Full moon as a Green Goddess, Heron.
    Lisa and I miss you terribly, and she’s trying to convince me that you’ll know how to Draw the “right” spider for my tattoo. I’m still looking.
    Feel free to Friend me.
    Miss Amy ~The Soap Goddess.

    1. lsaboe says:

      o, i definitely can do your spider…give me your thoughts about it. when we get together, i can take measurements of the scar for your spider and go from there. between you, melina, brni (he needs a new tattoo) and some others, i’ve got a ton of stuff to keep my commitment going great guns!
      and…consider yourself friended.

      1. morriganswitch says:

        I want a Yellow Orb Weaver spider. Dunno if I want a web or not. Might look cool with the scar tissue texture.
        Main part to accentuate is 2×3 inches.

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