sleepless in berwyn…

another nightmare on monday…one of those with a sub-theme that occurs over and over.

i was in this house that was not our house, but we were living there it was all very high tech and white…everything was white…walls, shag (ugh) carpeting, furniture…everything. there was a little baby there that i was taking care of and he was very important to the world. anyway…there were 3 doors to this house. front, side and back doors. the front and back doors were locked tight, but the side door didn’t lock well…it was very old and didn’t latch onto the door frame well at all. you could throw the lock but still push the door open.

some horrible people were trying to break into the house…some men led by a very nasty woman. they were trying to kill me and get the baby. i was struggling to secure the house…checking the locks as these people were surrounding the house, trying to get it. no matter what i did, i couldn’t seem to get the back door to lock. i threw the bold, but it wouldn’t catch…i tried holding the door at different angles, pushing it tight, pulling it, trying to line the bold up but it just wouldn’t latch. there was a really old hook and eye lock that i managed to set, but it wouldn’t take much to just bust through that one. so i tried putting furniture up against the door to buy time. brni was out but were supposed to come back soon. i was trying to call him on the cell but just couldn’t seem to get through. i was trapped and defenseless.

difficulty locking doors and not being able to use telephones are old dream-scape themes for me. very frustrating and very scary. i hate recurring dreams like these. and they usually come in clusters, so i expect not to be getting much in the way of restful sleep for awhile.

2 thoughts on “sleepless in berwyn…

  1. otcyborg says:

    Oh honey those suck!
    When I have them I plan what I’m going to do in the dream next time I have it, and then I either don’t have the drea agaoin or I change it from within.

    1. Anonymous says:

      things get even more absurd when i KNOW i’m dreaming and everybody in the dream knows i’m dreaming and i still can’t do what i want to…when those happen i just wake up annoyed.

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