sunday morning

i like to take my morning coffee out on the deck. if i find myself out there before 7:30 i usually see deer foraging for breakfast or resting. this morning i had the good fortune to see the young buck and his mother lying down in the shady thicket. one yard over, a skinny red fox darted along the fence down to the stream and then out of sight.
the chipmunk family was cavorting in back of my neighbors above-ground pool. two chickadees were chasing each other in circles around the almost empty bird feeder and a couple crows flew in just to make a racket.

i ran for my camera, but my attempts at getting a good clear picture of the deer didn’t work out so well. although i love my little digital, it just isn’t up to the job of taking nature shots over long distance or in shady conditions. i need to resurrect my old bottom of the line pentax and see if i can get some decent photos of the animals who live in the gully.

2 thoughts on “sunday morning

  1. feistydivawitch says:

    Hi Lindasu,
    What a beautiful way to spend a morning. I read your journal from Susan Weed’s monthly mag. I have been wanting to do an intensive with her as well. How hard was it to come home? LOL I just realized that I haven’t even told you my name Hi I’m Melissa! LOL I’m a big lover of Live Journal and also Susan Weed. Would you mind if I added you as a friend???
    Have a great day :o) I’m off to see how my youngest son Donovan did in his first day ofKindegarden :o)

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: Peaceful
      Nice to meet you, Melissa!
      It was terribly hard to come home, though I was happy for the indoor plumbing once I got here. If you can manage to do an intensive with Susun, I know you won’t regret it.
      Hope Donovan had a great first day!

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