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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey linda, Con here once again with internet restored (for now–it’s been on and off for two days and broadband running like dialup..and i don’t necessarily mean 56k dialup, either). the story has the feel of being created from several anecdotal sources. not that i’d know, i am only beginning to get blog links accessible now, having had to rely on short spurts of radio access on drives to and from work and uneven coverage from the cable networks.
    what little good news exists for n.o–the tourist destination–is that the french quarter didn’t sustain the type of wind and water damage, so it will be available for visitation once other areas and infrastructure (hotels included) are back to normal. somewhat mind-boggling is the thought as to how many years this will be.
    i think the only good to come of this whole mess is that we have complete focus of the news media on this fallujah-esque clusterfuck by bush et al. he can get away with it half a world away in iraq, where journalists are tied to a strict, limited view of things by being embedded or else securely blindered in the cuccoon of the green zone. so the dead (city/people) from that particular charlie foxtrot are never seen, never contemplated by american citizens. new orleans is here and naked and under the magnifying glass, exposed for all but the most serious kool-aid drinker to see as a utter failure of leadership from a president who has been a failure since 2001. should i say that new orleans had to be sacrificed for people to wake up? seems cold-blooded, doesn’t it?
    at any rate, let’s hope that in a few years, we’ll all be able to get together at a small quiet cafe bordering the french quarter and reminisce between glasses of good beer and piping hot spinach and artichoke sandwiches.

    1. lsaboe says:

      so many things boggle my mind about this catastrophe. it’s never more than a whisper away from any conversation i may be having, any thought or simple daily activity i may be engaged in.
      i wait hungrily for our next meet in the quarter.

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