Jim PathFinder on Katrina

excerpt…this is a long piece. I’ve excerpted two small bits that I think are kinda neat. For the entire piece, “The Not So Good News…” by Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi) go here:

…The Earthly Mother will shrug and shake and shudder and sweat and weep her tears at what humankind does to her, to keep herself in balance. We saw it with the Tsunami last December, and the droughts before that, and the earthquakes before that. It’s all part of the Spiral of Ascension, as we move from one phase of being to another, as the ancient prophecies tell.
We just have to hang on. It does no good to get angry at the wind. Maybe we want to personify the great storm that hit here, which is made easier by giving the storm a name like Katrina. The wind becomes a “she,” a person, though of the wind. But Katrina was not a person.

We cannot get angry at God, Creator; Creator is only creating; that is what Creator does. It is our duty to go with the flow of Creation, become one with Creator, in harmony and balance, and rise to the rightful role of human beings as children of the Earth and Sky, children of the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father, with bodies made of the Mother and Spirits of the Father, holding both in balance, and co-creating in the world.

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