iguanas and parrots don’t mix

okay…I did not like this dream.
Spike, our iguana, was climbing into Milo’s (the parrot) cage. Spike was very little (he’s really about 3 1/2 feet long), so he squeezed through the bars and was hanging onto a piece of food or toy (couldn’t tell) that was suspended in the cage. Milo did not like this at all and went after him. I saw what was happening and yelled for Brni while also yelling at Milo and dashing for the cage to save Spike.
of course dreamtime makes moving quickly or effectively rather impossible.
Milo grabbed Spike by the neck. I screamed for Brni and somehow grabbed the two of them. I couldn’t figure out how to get Milo to let go…I thought of pressing in on the sides of his beak or pressing down on his eyes, but before I could do anything, Spike stopped moving and Milo dropped him.
I picked him up and ran into another room (don’t know why) calling for Brni to come help.
Spike was not moving and his eyes were unfocused. I tried to revive him by tapping on his chest, but he just sort of opened his mouth slightly — I remember very distinctly focusing on his mouth for some reason — then he sort of jerked slightly. I was sure he was dead, but then not sure.
i can’t even dream without doubting myself!
Brni, throughout all this was there, but sort of in the shadows and though he followed me in the other room, he never really participated, but rather stayed behind me looking over my shoulder. I had the feeling that everything was going to fast for him to respond.

This is one of those weirdly vivid dreams that don’t fade after waking.
Dunno what it means (if anything) but I did not like it.

One thought on “iguanas and parrots don’t mix

  1. brni says:

    🙁 you shouldn’t have dreams like that.
    but i can understand the doubting part. i mean, when precious died, it was really difficult to tell for a long time whether she was still alive or not.

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