tiny moments

sometimes it just doesn’t matter if you get to work on time.

as i was walking to the library from the parking lot, i saw a tiny olive green bird lying on the sidewalk. this is the third or fourth little thing that i’ve found dead on the walkway after smacking into the large windows on the side of the building. always the same spot…always the same species of bird. typically, i pick the poor things up and find a place of repose for them under groundcover or tucked into the ivy.

so i bent down to inspect this little one and found he was still with us! i scooped him up to inspect him and found nothing broken. he was just stunned and covered in fine webbing. i gently removed the webbing as best i could and kept him cupped in my had for warmth and reiki. he gradually perked up and after about 15 minutes, he stopped panting with open beak and took a look at me. he stared at me for quite some time (must have been a very long stare in bird-time). i bent down, placing my hand on the ground. he waited a minute or so then hopped off and flew up into the oak tree.

i found a picture of a similar bird…a black throated green warbler.

so, no matter what else happens today, i feel that i’ve accomplished much.

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