bang a drum

I made me a drum. I made a drum because a couple years ago I got interested in herbalism. I started reading up on herbalism which led along some windy paths that kept veering off this way and that, leading to some very irrational places. I found out I like these irrational places as they are far more intriguing than the plain old rational, by the numbers, scientific, if-you-dont-seeum-dey-aint-real places. I’m having fun poking around in places I haven’t visited since I was a child when I knew how to think magically.
One of the places that sort of go hand-in-hand with herbalism (not herbology) is shamanism. Many shamans use drums to get where they’re going. And one of these shamans runs a sweat lodge nearby and twice a year he has a drum making workshop that I somehow came across in my reading and just decided that I wanted to make a drum. Actually, I found I HAD to make a drum. Turns out that making a drum must have been on my “stuff to do before I die list” and I just didn’t know it.

So, I made a fabulous, wonderful, pretty damn good drum! Jim took a picture of all of us at the end of a very satisfying day.

Thank you, Jim!

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