plumbing for the soul

i think i’m clogged. i have been going in this direction and that direction, trying this and researching that and honestly, i think i’ve managed to clog up the works. i need a plumber.

the process needs to begin today. i need to de-clog…move the crap out. it begins with the tangibles. when the tangibles are sorted, stacked and disposed of properly, i will have the space to start on the real work of clearing the shit out of my head.

i will be ruthless.
brni will be scared.
(don’t worry…i won’t touch anyones stuff but my own)

i just need some emptiness right now.

4 thoughts on “plumbing for the soul

    1. lsaboe says:

      *smiles back*
      we seem to have many of the same tendencies, but i think you have a better handle on it all than i do. i get caught up in emotional whirlwinds and just end up spinning in one place and getting very little done.
      anyway…the plan is, one room per week. i think i should be done before xmas (not that i have that many rooms…i’m just anticipating lulls).

  1. notzathros says:

    How go the clutter wars? As you have probably guesseed from looking at my house, I’ve been fighting the same battle for years. Courage! It is always such a relief to wrestle a bag of items away from the house and send it to a new destination. A big help has been Freecycle I hate to see things go to waste so I post my amazing treasures on freecycle and someone who really wants or needs the item comes to the house and takes it away to someplace where it will be useful again. Sweet. It’s also very interesting to see what people will travel great distances to obtain. Good luck!

    1. lsaboe says:

      yes, i like your rule…for every thing brought it, another thing of equal size must go…if i remember correctly. nobody here follows that rule. i then begged, each week if you all could just get rid of one thing…
      i was afraid a lynching would ensue. apparently, they are still in collecting mode. so, all i can do is de-clog my parts and hope for the best.
      freecycle? i’ve heard of that…may give it a try. thanks!

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