tuning forks, tarot cards and world peace

this year i decided to spend just one afternoon at the mind-body-spirit expo instead of 3 days. i needed to replenish the exceptional lavender essential oil and since most of the speakers were the same as last year, i decided just to peruse the vendor tables and pick up whatever struck my fancy (within reason).

so i found the ugliest ring ever made. it fit. the pretty ones didn’t.

i wanted the crystal singing bowls, but could only afford the tuning forks.

found a pretty copper bracelet for my arthritis. it has peace inscribed in many different languages.

the tarot lady sold me the secret forest deck for twice what i could buy it for on amazon. it’s not out of print as she said. i love it anyway.

brni and jesse showed me that the pendulum doesn’t work if you hold it differently. that was disappointing.

i had a nice time and bought a years worth of lavender oil (well, if i’m extremely frugal with it, it’ll last a long time).

the voodoo priestess wasn’t there and the nasty woman with the tiny sharp teeth was replaced by a crew of younger, cute women and the adorable sisters selling their soaps were absent as well. but the shambhala people were there selling extremely expensive, sacred, geomancy-based jewlery which will fix our karma and bring about world peace.
they are strangely beautiful, but at $400 a pop, i guess i’ll just hope for the best.

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