dad is crazy

so dad called me tonight, he excitedly asked,”did you miss me?” and then proceeded to tell me about the 2 day camping trip he just got back from. there were 30 people there, camping and fishing in the high altitude hills of new jersey. he told me about the phone they had hooked up to a tree but the tree was blown down so he couldn’t call me. he told me about using safety pins as fishing hooks but they didn’t catch any fish. he told me that his toes were still cold from being out in the weather.
all this, despite the fact that i talked to him on the phone yesterday and was over his house the day before that apparently didn’t enter into his adventure.
what was that silly thing i wrote about time not being linear?
well, you can only take that so far. is this a test? there’s a certain amount of 3 dimensional reality that just doesn’t get shifted quite as far as he’s taking it.
i don’t really know what to do about all this. i can’t get him in to see a neurologist or get him a geriatric assessment until after the hollydaze. but maybe his daze will slow down a bit til then? one can only hope.

my father is crazy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    comes with the territory
    Hi Linda,
    My mom imagined all sorts of things that she thought were true. She tried to tell me that she had a part-time job at the local branch of her bank. She even had me believing it. Then I called the bank and verified….
    Imagining events and conversations that never took place is a sign of dementia. Tell him anything to get him a geriatric assessment.
    In the meantime, be brave! Bang hard on that drum!!
    Love ya,

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