is this a friggin’ test?

if so, i’m gonna start cheating.
my dad is descending into the depths of dementia.
my second son’s heart is broken to pieces.
and then last night, my first born called. my darling son loves to talk on the phone for extended periods of time. everyone who knows me knows that i hate to talk on the phone for more than brief, utilitarian intervals. i do not see the phone as an instrument of social interaction, but rather an implement to waste time or transmit bad news.
as the conversation progressed, i became aware of the fact that michael’s thinking was becoming somewhat rigid and a little scary. it was as if he morphed from my brilliant, open-minded child into a irrational stranger who could think only in absolute black and whites. it was rather frightening. his speech got somewhat slow and slurry and it started to sound as if the words were forced through gritted teeth.
then the phone went staticky and we were cut off.
i waited a bit then called back. his girlfriend answered and said he was in the midst of a migraine seizure. i told her to call 911. i called back 10 minutes later and michael had closed himself in his bedroom with the phone so she couldn’t make the call. i convinced him to open the door and call 911.
at the emergency room they checked him out, gave him a CT scan, and sucked out some spinal fluid to see if he was bleeding in his head.
i don’t know the end result as the horrible and mocking woman who works in the ER refused to tell me anything on the phone. michael finally called around 1AM to tell me that he was ok and waiting on the results of the spinal tap but that the CT scan showed nothing remarkable.
i have not heard from him since and there’s no answer on his home or cell phones.
i don’t know what to do since it is apparently against the law to ease a mother’s mind and it now stands that there is not one person in my family who is ok.
not one.

2 thoughts on “is this a friggin’ test?

    1. Anonymous says:

      thank you so much for your kind thoughts.
      and yeah, hippa laws suck. “sign this piece of paper acknowledging that we will withhold any and all information from those who care about you, love you and really NEED to know about you. furthermore, we will gladly and speedily vomit out every last detail to any corporate or government agency that asks.”
      where the fuck did that revolution go?

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