112 days and counting…

everytime someone goes through to the staff lounge, the door bangs loud enough to hurt my ears. each collegue is good for two bangs. none are kind enough to close the door gently. the UPS guy comes by once a day and loads and unloads large numbers of boxes of ILL books. he scans and beeps each friggin box. to the right of my desk, between me and the loudly and constantly banging door is a free standing, metal, double-sided shelving unit with all the books that belong to faculty for this semesters course work. people stand on the other side and whisper loudly enough for me to hear their gossip. for some reason they think these books make me deaf and dumb. i find this strangely amusing. this may also be why they don’t think that a loudly banging door is a problem. a lot of people think that since there is no fourth wall and door separating my desk and equipment from them, they can take my supplies and not return or replace them. i do not find this amusing. even though there are only three walls and no door defining my space, there is no airflow — just people flow.
it’s sort of like working in a fishbowl resting on it’s side.

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