brni’s road trip

brni seems to be the one taking over his boss’s schedule since he fell ill. so a little while ago, brni IM’d me abt his schedule (he’s down in annapolis right now). here’s what he sent:

schedule is looking like altoona tonight, stay over in altoona then home sat.
then to pittsburgh sunday
stay over in pitts
come home monday
early tuesday morning, go to norfolk
stay overnight in norfolk
head to richmond from there (wed) to get my ID badge for cavalier, and to visit cara
prolly stay overnight there, then head home thursday (maybe stop in DC on the way home to visit Chris if I can, and into annapolis as well)
will need to do another altoona trip when we get some additional gear, and another harrisburg trip
and a trip to ashburn, VA
and need to do some work in baltimore.

so i told him that if i ever want to see him again, i should quit my job now and rent the house out to lori and gordon. they can take care of loki and the other animals while we tape the new reality show, “network crimper.” i would tape him moving servers and crimping cables all over the mid-atlantic. since most of the crimping happens after midnight, we could have some very blair witchy flashlight effects.
it could be the next big tv event!
stay tuned…

One thought on “brni’s road trip

  1. dsseven says:

    *pouts* I’m sorry. For what it’s worth, Lance used to have a part-time theater job in addition to his regular job. We hardly saw each other for almost a year. So, at least this situation is temporary. If you get bored, remember you have friends. *hug*

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