i think i’d rather stay awake

dreamt that i was sitting with luisa. we were supposedly in the library, but you wouldn’t recognize it as a library. it was chaoltic and there were shopping carts, trash, toys, people lying around. joe came in with lots of papers and sat down. luisa walked off and i said to joe that i wanted to be brutally honest about his plan for the planetary scanner. i told him none of his options were viable and gave him my opinion on what he should do. when he answered me he was very serious and his voice was about an octave lower than usual. i thought to myself that he was doing that on purpose to show how mature and serious he is. it was a farce.

another dream…earlier. i went to the new karate school to see master chang. jess was there and i think brni was too. the kids class was just over and the adult class was starting. i didn’t know who was teaching. he was showing people different sorts of traditional weapons. master chang came into the weight room and started working out. he had hair cut in a very young stylish manner. it was weird. i tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention and he turned. i said hi. he turned and looked at me and said, ah, linda. hello. then he turned away from me. no smile. no how are you. nothing. he was angry with me and disappointed. i was very sad and wanted so much to talk to him to explain why i had to stop coming to class and also to see if he could help me get over my back problems so that i could come back. he moved over to a different weight machine and i approached him again. this time i complimented his hair and he smiled and sort of morphed into a shallow silly man talking about ridiculous things. again, i was unable to tell him why i was there and the way he was acting, i didn’t think he would be able to help.

i left and went upstairs to see the new section of the school. the empty hallway was freshly painted a rather strange yellow with burnt sienna trim. i walked into the back room and there were lots of women there playing with all these strange gadgets. there were floating lamps and all manner of strange electronic stuff. it was something out of the discovery store meets soft porn by disney. the guy who just moved in (apparently, this part of the building became an apartment) came in and sat down to eat. i held one of the toys and asked what it was and asked why he had so many cool and wonderful things. he said they were great chick magnets. so, i left, looked in the other rooms…they were all full of tastefully arranged techno wonders. i went back into the stark hallway and down the stairs to the dojo, which felt more like a huge warehouse a la ikea. i left, feeling rather depressed. jesse left with me, but he was very happy and talkative.

don’t remember much more, except somewhere in one of these dreams i was looking at an ultrasound of a baby. but the ultrasound was animated and showed the baby swiming in a tube-like bottle. i don’t know if it was mine or someone elses. my mom was there and she was very happy about it. there was also a man demonstrating some new agey-wavy magical toys or instruments that showed the relation of the new baby to the electro magnetic field surrounding the earth and how when the earth passes through to the center of this field the baby flips over. none of it made any sense and the strange gauges and ultrasound cartoon kept moving around wildly.

i’m not feeling at all rested.

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