with a word

this job has lasted longer than all my marriages put together. so, leaving is more like a divorce in some ways. my life, how i identify myself, how i plan my day and the people i interact with each day are all about to change. yes, much like a divorce. like several divorces! it is amicable and hurtful, sad and exciting. i don’t think this separation will be destructive like some of the worst divorces, but it could have been were i a different person.

even so…

i heard today that a word i said was twisted and turned and used as a blunt instrument. well…that is actually up for interpretation, depending on who does the recounting. some felt the comment a more general one, others felt it was an ultimatum. like i said, depends on who does the recounting. all i know is one word was taken out of context and blown up to mean more than it should have and pointed in a direction i had not intended.

too bad that.

but this sort of thing will not touch me after march 3rd. this sort of thing is what i want to be shut of. after march 3rd, i will be creating art and designing web pages and planning my garden.

16 days

2 thoughts on “with a word

  1. Anonymous says:

    twisted words
    Words getting twisted is nothing new around the library. I once had the worst possible spin put on something I said. It really threw me — with time I realized it was just the status quo at this place.
    I say: Get going while the getting is good!!! (But keep in touch, OK?????)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Re: twisted words
      it’s a shame when that sort of thing happens…and so very unnecessary.
      and as for the getting and going? yes, that is the plan. and yes, i certainly will keep in touch.

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