a ringing in my ear

this morning i was awakened by a bell. it rang just inside my right ear. just one ring of an small, old, brass bell in my ear.

loki started wagging her tail under the covers by my feet. her usual sleeping place. now THAT got my attention. loki heard it too.

no one was there ringing bells that i could see. but i guess it was time to get up anyway.

i think the cloth that divides daytime from dreamtime is a bit frayed about the edges. i think it has to do with reiki and drums and quakers and the spirits of weeds.

i think this is good.

One thought on “a ringing in my ear

  1. Anonymous says:

    musical Quakers
    Hey, I had a musical experience this weekend with the Quakers, too. There’s this couple, Peter and Annie, who play guitar and sing folksongs. They even published a songbook with guitar chords. They’re well known in Quaker circles. They hold song fests and teach folksongs at camps and stuff.
    They invited people to their house near Cheney Univ. Saturday evening. A few people from our meeting went, and Bob and I went, too.
    We sat in a circle. There were people who brought their guitars, a flutist and even someone playing the fiddle. Peter had everyone take turns choosing a song –either from his book or another– and we all sang. There are songs in that book that I haven’t heard since the old Hootenany show !!
    He and Annie are going to try to make this a monthly happening.
    I haven’t spent an evening like that in almost 30 years!!
    Here’s Peter and Annie’s website:
    We (it’s almost official!) Quakers are so cool!!!

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