blunt instruments

last night’s dream was a bit disturbing. we were under siege of some sort…the people in my house. my sister was there, some other people, brni, etc. we got word that someone was planning on attacking us–an ambush of some sort. we were going upstairs. they were attic stairs with a door at both ends. lori was climbing the stairs ahead of me. i turned to see if brni was behind me but instead a man stood, glaring, smiling a seriously demented smile. i saw his face quite clearly…it didn’t look like a “dream” face at all…looked quite real. he had something in his hand…an implement of some sort–looked like a horse grooming tool, but with jagged metal teeth. the words i heard over and over were, “blunt force trauma.”

i think i’m going to be extra careful for awhile, and pay particular attention to men’s faces.

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