so, i had a thought about forever

someone on the susun weed forum asked what we believe…and i had this thought…
ah, how to describe what i believe?

grew up italian catholic, which is a hard thing to get over. yes indeed.

but, for as long as i could remember, the animals were everthing to me. when people asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up, i said, “a horse” because i thought that we could actually be whatever we wanted to be.

anyway…by the time i was a teenager, i knew that the ol’ heaven, purgatory, hell thing was nothing but a ruse to suck us in and make us *behave* and i was having no part of it. spent the most of my life as an atheist and i’m probably still an atheist in that i don’t believe in any theology…or any one and only powerful oz.

i do believe that we have purpose and meaning in our time here. we are, as all life forms on this planet, intrinsically powerful and important and *responsible* for what is and what will be. we don’t need to live on forever in paradise to be important–to be! we need to realize that, for whatever amount of time we’re here, in whatever form we take or will possibly take in the future, that we need to BE HERE NOW (as Ram Das said) and we need to act like it matters.

as for all the rest—eh—we’ll find out soon enuf.

peace out.

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