it’s official

we’re having a heat wave. an official heatwave.
i just don’t understand our modern society anymore. we’re supposed to be the brightest, richest, most technologically advanced and almost as sophisticated as the french.

yet tonight on the news, the top story was…

we hit 91 degrees. 91. dear god. that’s the third day of “above” 90 degrees and that means it’s an OFFICIAL FUCKIN HEATWAVE!

it’s just the worst thing.
the action news team even gave us advice cuzz ya know we just wouldn’t be able to figure this one out.
it’s hot.
drink water.
don’t you dare go out in this weather because you may not survive. you could, no, you would in all likelihood, sweat to death!


i seem to remember a time, not so long ago, where people sort of expected that it would get hot during the summer. there was a time, in my not so distant memory, when even people who didn’t have central air managed to survive in above 90 degree weather.

it’s true. honest. in fact, until moving to this house 6 years ago, i NEVER had central air. really.

i wonder what happened?
when did we lose the ability to adapt?
when did we become so stupidly civilized?

my advice?
go outside. sweat a little. get used to it.

and then, when summer is over, go outside when it’s really cold and pay no attention to that weather man behind the curtain.

3 thoughts on “it’s official

  1. Anonymous says:

    a very suspicious blog entry
    I consider this blog entry to be highly suspicious. I might just report it to the authorities.
    Are you unpatriotic or anti-American or something? Listen, sister, if the media (mouthpiece of our fair government) tells you to be afraid of the heat, then you’d better BE VERY AFRAID!
    We’re not fighting a war over fossil fuels so people like you can learn to adjust to the heat.
    Now do as you’re told! Get in that house and turn on that air conditioning! And don’t come out until you hear on Fox News that it’s safe.
    Sheesh!! Some people don’t know when something’s for their own good!!!

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: a very suspicious blog entry
      you can’t scare me! i refuse to go inside. i’m gonna stand out here and defy the powers that be, thumb my nose to accuweather and if i get too hot, i’m gonna get all radical on you and sit in the shade.
      take that you old meanie.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Re: a very suspicious blog entry
        I know your type …
        Next thing you know, you’ll adjust to the cold in winter by wearing heavier clothing.
        Then you’ll adjust to the fuel scarcity by riding your bike …or (it’s such a dirty word, I can only whisper it)… walking…
        Your anti-American, anti-consumer habits have been duly noted.
        Today you sit in the shade…tomorrow you’ll sit in an interrogation chamber…
        –Meester Beeg

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