cheshire man

i saw someone living in my wooded gully. i’m not sure what sort of being he is, but he seemed to be amused that i noticed him. i was sitting on the little wall brni and i built, just meditating, trying to figure a few things out. i looked down the gully and there he was, grinning. just a face, broad, greenish brown, cheshire like and smiling up at me.

i spent a little time tonight trying to draw him, but haven’t managed it very well. i think i need to do this one in watercolor, not pencil.

i think i need to change my colors a bit. green is basic, of course that won’t change. but i feel so hot. since the epidural, my hands have been hot. radiating heat that makes it uncomfortable to lay my head in my hand. so i need to expel this heat. i need to send it outside…spray it on fabrics and walls maybe. eat lots of watermelon and cucumbers and spit the color out.

2 thoughts on “cheshire man

    1. lsaboe says:

      yes, please, i’d love to read your descriptions. there’s so much going on in my little backyard…so much that has gone wild and leggy since i was unable to tend to things for all those weeks. now, it’s all rather daunting and i think a source of amusement to the ones who live there.

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