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  1. ossobucco says:

    Hi there,
    This is off-topic, but I replied to your post to Descartes’ page regarding Re: weeds! free food and medicine too!
    I thought you might like this info.
    2006-11-17 04:39 pm (local) (link)
    I forgot to mention this — there’s a book you might be interested in called The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer. I don’t know if it has an ISBN number because it’s pretty old but you might be able to find it on ABE books online. It covers medicinal plants, plant vitamins and minerals, beverage teas, spices and flavouring herbs, plant colours for food and cosmetics, plant dyes for fabrics, botanicals for potpourri and sachets, dentifrices, cosmetics, botanical curios and other stuff. The first edition came out in 1918. I have the tenth printing that came out in 1975. It’s a wonderful little book with descriptions, recipes and colour plates.

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