baking bread

so, i’ve decided that i need to bake bread.

now, to make things clear, i am a good cook. a very good cook, but i am NOT a baker. not of breads, cakes, pies or other things that mean measuring ingredients.

but, i’ve decided that bread is something i need to know how to do, it being the staff of life and alla dat.

so, the ingredients have been mixed, the dough risen twice and now shaped into one long bagette and 2 boules (yes, it’s a french style bread, whole wheatish rather than plain whitish). the oven is preheating while the loaves consider rising a third and final time.

i’m very anxious to find out how it ends up. o, the anticipation is almost that of a virgin’s on THE night of nights.

well…heh…i did say *almost*.

5 thoughts on “baking bread

  1. Anonymous says:

    way, way, w—-a—y back when, in newly-married land, I used to bake bread. It’s fun to do and the results really taste great (not to mention the texture, which is like nothing else in this world!!!

    1. lsaboe says:

      it WAS fun! the whole wheat flour is much denser than the white…i think i’ll rearrange the ratio a bit next time to get something a little closer to an italian/french like loaf.
      i really liked the chemistry of the whole thing.

  2. irishkerry says:

    Let me know . . .
    How did it turn out? I’m strongly entertaining the notion of getting a bread machine, ‘cuz I’m just too lazy to do it the other way (plus the whole time thing). I figure, given what I pay for good bread, it’s gotta be cheaper over the long haul, plus I can control the ingredients.
    I don’t get to control much these days 🙂

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: Let me know . . .
      I am pleased to report that the bread turned out crusty and delicious! I was very very surprised and quite pleased. It really is sorta like magic.
      as for bread machines…my father-in-law got very into making bread using one. Apparently, if you do not want a tall skinny loaf of bread, you can shut it off after rising and form your own loaf for baking in the oven.
      as for me…one of the things that I’m doing is getting back to basics. I’ve been doing this for years off and on in spurts and jerks. The point being, I want to know how to do things w/out the aid of all the gadgets and electricity, etc. I want to feel that I can survive and even enjoy myself with as little modern convenience as possible (as she types on her laptop–heh). Apparent hypocricy aside, I do know that I can eat off my lawn and in the woods; I can chop, smash and pulverize things to make food and medicine and I know the magic of fire.
      ….now, i really need to go warm up this coffee in the microwave and i wonder what’s on TV? hehehe

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